Author Topic: Pepsi Soft Drinks List  (Read 14938 times)


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Pepsi Soft Drinks List
« on: September 25, 2004, 09:22:48 AM »
List of soft drinks produced by Pepsi:

Aquafina water (including Aquafina Essentials)
FruitWorks (flavors: Strawberry Melon Peach Papaya Tangerine Citrus Apple Raspberry Pink Lemonade Passion Orange (only available in Hawaii) Guava Berry (only available in Hawaii))
Lipton Brisk
Lipton Iced Tea
Manzanita Sol (Pepsi International - found in Mexico)
Mr. Green
Crystal Pepsi (produced during the years 1992-1993)
Diet Pepsi
Diet Pepsi Vanilla
Pepsi Blue
Pepsi Max
Pepsi ONE
Pepsi Twist
Pepsi Vanilla
Wild Cherry Pepsi
Pepsi EDGE(Half-sugar variant)
Pepsi Holiday Spice (limited edition holidays 2004 blend - nutmeg, etc.)
Mountain Dew (including Diet, Caffeine Free, Code Red, Baja Blast, Pitch Black and Live Wire flavors)
Mug Root Beer (including Diet)
Sierra Mist
Mirinda (grape, orange, strawberry, and grapefruit)
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