Author Topic: Pepsi Spokespersons  (Read 3606 times)


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Pepsi Spokespersons
« on: September 25, 2004, 09:21:59 AM »
As with many soft drinks, Pepsi has had various celebrity spokespersons throughout its existence. Among them:_x000d_
The Spice Girls _x000d_
Joan Crawford (advertising executive from 1955 to 1973, who in April 1959 was elected to fill the vacancy on the board of directors left by her late husband, Pepsi-Cola president Alfred Steele) _x000d_
Madonna (for less than two days; her contract was cut) _x000d_
Michael Jackson (who was badly burned while filming a commercial) _x000d_
Cindy Crawford (1989 Super Bowl ad) _x000d_
Claude Meunier (Quebec only) _x000d_
Britney Spears _x000d_
Faith Hill _x000d_
Hallie Kate Eisenberg _x000d_
Halle Berry _x000d_
Bob Dole _x000d_
Damon Wayans _x000d_
the Real Madrid, FC Dinamo, and Manchester United football clubs _x000d_
Beyoncé Knowles _x000d_
Pink _x000d_
Enrique Iglesias _x000d_
Avril Lavigne _x000d_
Nightwish _x000d_
The Corrs _x000d_
African Footprint _x000d_
311 _x000d_
Kanye West _x000d_
Mis-Teeq _x000d_
Los Lonely Boys _x000d_
Shakira _x000d_
David Beckham