Author Topic: 18" Porcelain bottle cap sign  (Read 1879 times)


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18" Porcelain bottle cap sign
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:54:47 PM »
This is my first time in the forum and I am not an avid Pepsi collector - I am a reseller of an ecclectic mix of antiques and collectibles.   I just made a trade for an interesting Pepsi bottle cap sign - it is unlike most other "Stout" signs I see online.   This one has no maker listed - It is the normal red white and blue sign but only has exterior ridges on the bottom blue and middle white section with no ridges at the top.   It is also slightly skinnier on top than the bottom.   It has 2 small holes on top at about 10 and 2 and has a small clip mounted on the lower back of the sign in the center.  I am curious to know more about the sign - the age and any details as to what this sign would have been used for.  Thank you in advance for your responses.