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Gibson Girl Music Box
« on: June 03, 2018, 11:11:58 PM »
Hi Experienced Members,

Newbie, just recently found a Pepsi Cola music box, with the Pepsi Cola Radio Jingle as the wind up music in a mirror box. I can't find much about the jingle, aside from being from the 1930's, but definitely cannot find any music box with the jingle. The box itself is slightly ornate, with prefab felt liners for storing things, and the mirror on the top is double dot the Gibson Birl, with the Delicious Healthful phrase, 5 cents. The wind up jingle still plays, and the mirror box top is perfect, along with the box. I can attach a picture of the overall box, but it is roughly 12x12, with the mirror Gibson Girl 5 cent Delicious Healthful in great shape.

Anyone seen this before, and have a date and value? Thanks