Author Topic: Wish price estimate "SECTION 2 PEPSI-COLA ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ADVERTISING 1958"  (Read 1890 times)


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Can somebody inform me what is the approximate market value of "SECTION 2 PEPSI-COLA ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ADVERTISING 1958, a: Magazine Advertising, b: Newspaper Advertising, c: Reproduceable Artwork, d: Promotions". Published by: MARKETING DIVISION, PEPSI-COLA INTERNATIONAL, 3 WEST 57th STREET, NEW YORK 19, N.Y. Printed in the U.S.A. Description: Dark blue paper covers bound in plastic rings; edges and spine frayed, but the overall binding is robust, no pages falling out. Interiors: page format 10 x 12.75 in., all pages complete except for one sample size of the slogan, and one sample size of the Pepsi logo, cut out from two of the b&w, multiple size samples' sheets of the Reproduceable Artwork section. PagesĀ“paper a bit off-white due to ageing, but the colours are bright and glossy, and the paper surfaces and edges practically intact. Complete photos on request. Thank you.